Everything You Need to Know to Transfer Game Data


Are you switching to a new phone and want to know how to transfer game data from old phone to new one? Transferring games from one device to another can be very frustrating. We have provided you with all the techniques that work for the most popular gaming platforms including Google Play Store, Steam and Origin.

Connect to Google, Apple or Facebook and save your game data in the cloud. Your friends can visit your profile, play the game and see their accomplishments as well as yours.

You want to switch to iOS, but worry about losing all your Android data. No problem! Use  SHAREit to transfer your files seamlessly from Android devices to iPhones. Choose the files you want, and just shake it! They're ready for your iPhone in seconds.

Step 1. Download the  SHAREit application on your  Android smartphone and set it up.

Step 2. Start setting up your new iPhone. On the SHAREit screen, select to move data from your Android smartphone.

Step 3. Keep both your devices Bluetooth open. Now you will get a code on your Android device that you need to enter on your iPhone.

Switching from one smartphone to the other will not be a big hassle now. This guide is going to show you how to transfer games from one device to another without losing your progress.

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Scan to download SHAREit mod apk.